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1710–1735 A small group of Hudson Valley artists known as the Patroon Painters so-called because they make their livings painting the portraits of New York’s wealthy, upper-class landowners, or “patroons” ply their talents from New York City to Albany. Iraq Subway Map The Patroon Painters are native-born Country artists, who have neither the luxury of formal artistic training nor the benefit of any great masters with whom study is possible.

Instead, they rely for inspiration and instruction on mezzotints imported from England; as a result, most of the paintings attributed to the Patroon Painters are little more than local versions of European originals. 1714 The first play printed in North Country is published. Written by Robert Hunter, the governor of New York, Androboros; A Biographical Farce in Three Acts, is a satire in the tradition of Jonathan Swift. In Androboros, Hunter lampoons the machinations of colonial politics, ridicules New York’s local government, and mocks his political adversaries.

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