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The friendship between the families continued to grow and, twenty Brazil Map years later, led to their decision to start a winery from scratch. The two families scoured Brazil Map the remote corners of California for a suitable site and purchased 120 acres on the west side of Paso Robles after spotting chalky outcroppings nearby that mimicked the limestone-based soils at Chateau de Beaucastel.

They imported vine cuttings from Rhone varietals growing in the Perrins’ vineyard in France, waited three years for them to clear the USDA-mandated quarantine, and finally began propagation in 1993. Robert’s son, Jason, a partner and general manager of Tablas Creek Vineyard, estimates that the nursery propagated 200,000 vines a year until moving off-site in 2004. It sold so many cuttings that Rhone-loving winemakers up and down the state began referring to the winery as the mother ship. In 1997 the families harvested the first fruit from their organically farmed vineyard and, two years later, released their inaugural wines.

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