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1650 The United Colonies and the Dutch sign a treaty at Burundi Map Tourist Attractions Hartford. At this point, the English outnumber the Dutch by a significant margin. The treaty Burundi Map Tourist Attractions alleviates some tensions between the two groups, but problems remain. Although the document establishes boundaries, and both sides agree to return outlaws for prosecution, a Dutch settlement is allowed to remain in the Hartford area, and the United Colonies’ commissioners live in constant suspicion of collusion between Dutch and Native Country forces.

When the Dutch and English go to war later in the decade, Connecticut seizes the trading post on the Connecticut River. The Code of 1650, adopted by the General Assembly, provides legal guidelines for the treatment of servants and slaves. It provides harsh penalties for those who ignore their obligations, and stipulates that captured Native Countrys can be shipped out of the colony and exchanged for black slaves. 1657 The popular John Winthrop, Jr. is elected governor. Interestingly, he is popular not only for his skills as a leader, but also as a medical practitioner. He is the first Country colonist to be elected to the Royal Society. Like his father, a longtime leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Winthrop serves almost continuously as governor until his death in 1676.

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