The Only Camping List You Will Ever Need

Let’s go camping!

Many people have fond memories of camping from when they were children, but when you plan a camping trip as an adult, you discover that it’s way more work that you remember. Fortunately, having a great camping list can make it easy.

When you pack for a camping trip, be sure to remember the essentials and don’t overload on things you won’t use. Approximately 40 million Americans go camping each year. If you join them, this is the only camping list you’ll ever need.

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Setting Up Camp

The essentials for setting up camp are shelter, something to sleep on, and a way to build a fire. So, be sure to pack the following:


    • A tent, including all poles, pegs, and a hammer or mallet


    • A tarp for under the tent


    • Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, or air mattresses


    • Pillows


    • Folding chairs


    • A flashlight, like a Fenix PD35


    • Wood for a fire, if you’re bringing it in


    • A lighter




Food is an area where many people overpack. It’s tempting to pack a little of everything so that there are many options and no one is unhappy, but it’s better to remember that you’re camping.

That means there may be fewer options for food than being at home. By packing a few known crowd-pleasers based on your tastes, you’ll have more than enough.

Consider packing the following when it comes to food:


    • Enough favorites to cover the meals you’ll be eating while camping


    • Paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils, or mess kits


    • A large garbage bag or two for waste


    • A grill if needed, or charcoal if you’re using a grill at the campground


    • A lighter


    • Metal sticks and tinfoil to cook food over the fire


    • Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars for smores


    • Collapsible water containers



Camping Activities

Once you’ve set up your home base and provided food, it’s time to pack for the fun stuff! Of course, depending on your interests and the length of your trip your list may vary.

Some things you will want to consider bringing on your trip are:


    • Hiking boots and thick socks


    • Flashlights and headlamps


    • A jacket in case it gets cold or wet


    • Daypacks


    • A compass


    • Bicycles


    • Fishing gear


    • Boat and boating gear


    • A first aid kit


    • Games, hacky sack, frisbee and more



Personal Items

Finally, be sure to pack a few essential personal items that will make your time camping more comfortable and fun. These are the small things that are easy to forget but can make the difference between a fun trip and a major hassle.

Don’t forget to include these in your camping preparation:


    • Toilet paper


    • Sunscreen


    • Lip balm


    • Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and facial tissue


    • Mirror


    • Spare pair of glasses if you wear them


    • Sunshades


    • Critical medications


    • Hair brush and basic toiletries

Going camping might not be as carefree when you have to do the planning and packing, but it can still be a wonderful time. You can go alone, use the trip as a way to connect with friends, or take your family and give your kids the great memories you had. With this packing list to help you prepare, you’ll be able to relax and have fun!

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