How can I stay fit on holiday?


Our running coach Sam Murphy answers your training questions.

How can I stay fit on holiday? I want to keep up with my training, but I’m going somewhere where running outside isn’t really safe…

A Sometimes you holiday in countries where the culture,weather or terrain simply isn’t compatible with running. Aside From the obvious solution of running on a treadmill, if one is available, I’d Recommend taking the opportunity to work on some other aspects of fitness, which will have a knock-on benefit to your running.For example, try doing some coreor flexibility training, for which you’ll need nothing more than a towel or blanket (check out some back post or search online for some exercise ideas). On a recent holiday, I committed to stretching my perpetually-tight quads everyday and it made a real difference.Running-specific strength training is another good option – exercises to strengthen the calves, glutes,hamstrings and quads can all be done with little or no equipment in your hotel room. For example, calf raises (with the leg straight and bent), lunges, squats, hops and bridges.

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A resistance band weighs almost nothing and won’t take up any space in your luggage. You Can knot it into a loop for resisted lateral walks (travel sideways with knees and hips flexed) or secure one end to something such as a sturdy chair and wrap the other end around your ankle to do standing leg work, for example,extending your leg out to the side,across the midline and to the rear.You may also be able to try walking or swimming, which will help maintain your cardiovascular fitness. But don’t worry too much about taking a break – your body will probably thank you for it, and you’ll return feeling refreshed and motivated.

Three great holiday fitness tools

1. Reebok Speed Rope (£4.99; Skipping great for running fitness and this rope has suitcase-friendly slim handles.

2. The GRID mini foam roller (£24.99; Get to grips with muscle tightness with this small foam roller.

3. XQ Latex bands (£8; A set of three resistance bands of varying strengths, each 1.2m long.



£39.99; superdrug.comThe Enertor insole range,used by Usain Bolt no less, is scientifically proven to boost energy returns, helping your performance and reducing injury risk. Could be worth slipping into your trainers…


£129.95; The original Ultra BOOST cage’ (plastic shell) has been removed to show off the Primeknit upper in this great-looking uncaged version with a supported heel.


£59.99; compressport.comThe women-specific design of this compression tank top keeps your body correctly aligned during long runs,improving oxygenation and speeding up your recovery after.


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