Car Rental See Motoring Chemists in China

The medical problems most likely to be encountered in China are colds and digestive upsets because of difficulties in adjusting to the Chinese weather (see When to Go and Facts and Figures, Climate) dnd over-indulgence in unfamiliar food and drink (see Food and Drink).

As a precaution take any regularly needed medication. There are chemists in every town with a wide range of both Western and Chinese remedies.

The ancient pharmacy of Hu Qingyu in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province has national monument status as China’s only museum of healing herbs. Here displays provide information about the use of Chinese herbs for healing and their international importance in the history of medicine. Visitors can question experts on traditional Chinese medicine and also try out dishes prepared with herbs.

See also Emergency Services, Health Precautions, Shopping and Souvenirs

Chinese Society and the Visitor

Every visitor to China should definitely familiarise himself or herself beforehand with the many different aspects of this extremely ancient culture in order to gain a better understanding of certain ways of behaviour.

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