Caribbean Honeymoons

How can I negotiate with vendors from afar? What kinds of deals, discounts or bartering can I expect?

THE PRO Based in Washington, D.C., Christine Godsey of Engaging Affairs has been creating elegant destination weddings in the continental U.S. and the Caribbean since 1996.

There are a couple of ways to up your bargaining power right off the bat: Off ering to pay the entire amount upfront is a good way to score discounted rates from vendors, as is paying cash instead of with a credit card.

Finding vendors who off er packages that include multiple services (like a DJ who also off ers special lighting, one stylist for both hair and makeup, or a fl orist who also has an inventory of event rentals) is also a way to get discounts based on the amount of services you bundle.

The more services you book with that person or company, the better negotiating power you have. Beyond that, booking your wedding during an off – or shoulder season drives down prices, as does marrying on a by weekday or a Sunday in many locales.â

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