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Like the other groups we work with, they have a complete complement of equipment. In addition, the team has designed some of their own equipment in an attempt to improve evidence collection.

This dedicated group is very analytic and thorough in reviewing evidence. If there are any questions as to a piece of evidence, they don’t use it.

What is a Ghost?

The simplest explanation, it is the remaining energy that exists after the physical body has died. Does that mean all of us will eventually become a ghost? The truth is no one really knows, though it seems unlikely.

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She was equipped with wireless and had one deck and three bulkheads. The designated code recognition signal letters were: RQTN. Carrying a crew of ten, the Florence Dombey sailed from Aberdeen under skipper Jack Hague. After a brief stop at Granton, they set course for the Longstone light and the fishing grounds, but the boat foundered on 5 May 1933, about six miles north of the lighthouse. Mr Hague, skipper of the Florence Dombey, said that at around 1700 hrs on Friday the chief engineer reported an inrush of water from the main bunker. After opening the hatch to the fish room the crew discovered that sea water had flooded to just a few feet below the deck; the chief engineer then immediately started the pumps. Jack Hague signalled to the 193-ton Aberdeen trawler Arora (1903: A Robertson), which was close by, and asked her skipper to stop. Mr Hague then manoeuvred his trawler in towards her, getting virtually alongside. The chief engineer reported that the pumps were not coping and that the water was by that time almost level with the furnaces. Jack Hague was afraid his vessel would sink under their feet, so he gave the order to abandon ship and jump across to the Arora.

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