Cheapest Tourist Destination In Erzurum

Erzurum lies on the eastern part of Turkey and serves as the largest city in the Erzurum province. It served as an air force for the NATO during the cold war. In addition to that it homes one of the best winter sports in Turkey.

Erzurum is famous for having one of the cheapest and best destinations in the Turkish region. Prior to touching the ground, the twin minaret madrasa gives you a breathtaking moment. Ranging from the air travel, accommodation to its sites, Erzurum gives its clients a fair deal. Let me take you around Erzurum and some of its hotels.

Accommodation in Erzurum; Owing to the fact that many tourists flock in this region for holiday vocation, many resorts have mushroomed up within Erzurum. It is interesting to note that the amount charged is very fair to the travelers. Take an example of the DedemanPalandoken resort hotel, it only charges 8, 15 Turkish currency. The resort is situated a stone throw from Abdurrahman Gazi Tomb winter-a major attraction site. Other hotels that offer cheap accommodation include the renaissance polar Erzurum hotel, grand hitit and lastly palan hotel.

Winter sports; the winter sports are played either in teams or individuals. Examples of such games include alpine skilling, snowboarding, ski jumping, speed skating and lastly snowmobiling. On the other hand some of the common team sports in Erzurum include, ice hockey, Curling and lastly bandy

Statue of Nene Hatun; the latter is a legendary heroine who at the age of twenty led the recapture of fort Aziziye. The statue is just one of the sites that give a history of the resident’s rich culture.

Transport; Erzurum has a well-established and cheap transport network that makes taking a vocation in the region cheaper. There exist cheap flights from Erzurum airport to other destinations in the globe. Expedia works closely with the airline to give the travelers a fair deal; one can also use the company to book a travel. The dogu express-train network also facilitates the movement of tourists within Turkey.

Best sites in Erzurum

Erzurum is small in size but a small region can have it punch too. However that ought not to scare you, here is a guide of some must visit places in Erzurum;

Tortum water fall, an ideal place during a warm day or summer.

Three tombs-an ancient ruin.

Lake Tortum, the lake is ideal for the above mentioned winter sports.

Twin minaret Madrasa.

Lastly, citadel which is an ancient fortress that acted as a military base

In conclusion, it is evident that Erzurum homes one of the best tourist destinations all over the globe. The fancy thing about Erzurum is the cheap way of life; you do not have to part with much to get an ideal accommodation. This is also the same case in its transport sector. You start saving some little amount at the seat of your plane. The Turkish visa requirements favour many travelers. Based on the duration of the visit, one can get an online visa rather than visiting the Turkish embassies or spending a lot of time at the border. It is no doubt that Erzurum is a tourist haven.

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