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If possible take an international adaptor with you, since in China the right one may not be available. Before you go Adaptor

Take a torch and spare batteries since this will come in useful when looking round caves, etc. Torch

Electricity in China is 220 volts, 50 cycles AC. Sockets are for two or three-pin plugs and often only take American-style plugs with flat metal prongs. Reduced power and total black-outs may sometimes occur. In China

Food and Drink

Lintong Chinese Pomegranate Festival (near Xi’an): planting of pomegranates, blossom display, sale of pomegranate products and souvenirs; exhibition of Qin dynasty culture

Moon Festival: see Public Holidays and Festivals

Silk festival for tourists: visit to the Silk Museum; displays of silkworm farming, spinning and embroidery

International Steam Locomotive Festival: here tourists can see China’s oldest steam engines as well as steam locomotives from other periods and countries.

Visitors get the chance briefly to be the engine driver, qualifying them for a souvenir and a diploma.

International Confucius Festival (26.9.-10.10.): old-style commemorative celebration of Confucius; lecture; study tour around Qufu, birthplace of Confucius

Chonyang Festival: an opportunity to contemplate nature, climb a hill, drink wine, gaze upon chrysanthemums, fly kites and eat Chongyang cooking

International Pottery and Porcelain Festival: exhibition of valuable items; archaeological pottery and porcelain study tour

Chrysanthemum Festival: the whole town is decorated with pots of chrysanthemums

Guilin Scenery Festival: cultural events, lanterns, meals on the riverbank, games with balls woven from silk ribbons accompanied by folk song

Yao National Minority Festival: procession,song and dance contests, wine-tasting, sacrificial rites, gun salutes

Orange Festival (Zhanjiang is China’s biggest orange-grower): tours of plantations, talks, exhibitions and other events

Dukang Festival: tours ofthe Dukang distillery and tasting the products

Chaoshan Gourmet Festival: seafood delicacies (lightly seasoned and easily digested)

Bell-ringing on December 31st in the temples of Hanshan Si, Dazhong, Jingci and Longhua: during the Tang dynasty (618-907) the bells were struck 108 times on New Year’s Eve to drive out the 108 cares ofthe Old Year; after the final peal firework figures are let off inside and outside the temple

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