My Chioce of Great Hotels For London Visits

One of my little indulgences is visiting different parts of the world, and this I like to do on a decent budget. The world has a lot of fascinating places to visit but some are very popular sites for tourists because of
their history.

Hollywood does a good job of selling some cities to their much diverse audience and one of such cities is London.
The stories about the city are always so captivating, showing London off as a place of class and sophistication. The artistic freedom that the many London artistes that gain world popularity exhibit in their music also puts the city on the top of the list of places to visit. I was so charmed by all the things I knew about London before I met London that I found her streets were so familiar when I finally visited that I needed no guide.
Accommodation can take a lot from one’s budget but squatting with friends can really be uncomfortable. I have been turned into a full time nanny on one of my many travels because I was squatting with a new mum who relied so
much on me.

Booking hotels can be quite tricky but having fallen victim of booking dingy looking and badly managed hotels located miles away from any great attraction when I visited Paris, made me more careful and I dare say that I
was blown over at my recent visit to London.
There are many things to be considered before one settles on accommodation and I fancy that I am in a position to share some tips with anyone looking to visit London to experience a great time.

Nothing refreshes like a comfortable accommodation coupled with great service. Luxury hotels may have all these but the financial consequence might make it a less desirable choice. There are inns that may be very cheap but with no guaranteed comfort. For an affordable and enjoyable array of great services, you should consider one of the boutique hotels. A good one is the lovley Boutique Hotel – The Eccleston Square Hotel that I stayed in in Pimlico.
Which is not only situated where one can easily find great attractions but it also boasts of high tech and several great amenities that are sure to make the time you spend away from home an unforgettable one.
It is no fun if you are lodged miles away from the city center thereby being unable to experience the city for what it is and missing out on all the amusement and fun you can enjoy. So, whenever you are booking, be sure to check to see how near the hotel is from great attractions and a city like London offers so many of such in the guise of theatres, museums, theme parks and many other places.
Great food.
A great hotel is one where you can have a restaurant that serves both the local and intercontinental dish thereby giving you a wholesome food experience. You may never find this first class service in inns but trust
me when I say boutique hotels offer so much great service that you shouldn’t miss out on.
You don’t want to get cut off from the worldwide web and your many social media accounts, so you want to be sure that you have a guaranteed wifi which is a service you are sure to find in a hotel such as this Hotel.

Access To transportation
The London tube system can be somewhat confusing but you can take one of the taxis attached to the hotel which might be the lifesaver when you are in a rush to catch one of the many great shows happening across town.
Did I mention the decent price too, so when next you are in London, take the time to spoil yourself and have the experience of a lifetime being well catered to and for.

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