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Hanging Food

With both ends of the cord in your hand, give a good tug to verify that the branch will indeed hold the weight of your food without breaking. It should bend, which will keep larger animals from climbing out on it.

Release the rock and tie your food bag to one end of the cord, then pull the other end to hoist the bag up at least 10-12 feet off the ground. Don’t bring it up too close to the branch, as squirrels or other small animals will be more likely to jump onto the bag or run down the line.

Tie the other end to a different tree, if possible. When you need your food, simply untie the cord and lower the bag, but leave the line where it is so you’ll be able to pull the food bag up again. Once the line is in place, re-hanging the food each time is very simple.

Another method is to tie a high horizontal line between two trees, and hang your food bag from the center of the line, tying it off as described above. The horizontal line should be 15 feet or more off the ground and reasonably taut. Put it in place by tossing each end (tied to a rock) over a high branch of a different tree. Then tie the ends around the trunks below.

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The colony of Saint-Domingue was born out of anarchism. Cincinnati Subway Map Originally the Spanish had colonized Hispaniola from 1492 onward, virtually extinguishing its Arawak population within years. The city of Santo Domingo, founded on the southeast coast, became the earliest center of the Spanish-Country empire before the focus moved to the Country mainland and to the Cuban naval base of Havana. The Windward Passage between Hispaniola and Cuba, its northwestern neighbor and the vicinal coasts of both islands were under weak control of the authorities, as the urban footholds of Spanish power Havana and Santo Domingo were situated on the opposite coasts of the respective islands. This lack of official control encouraged traffic in contraband between the coastal Spanish inhabitants and the French and English buccaneers. To repress this illegal commerce, the Spanish decided to withdraw from western Hispaniola in 1605. This move, on the other hand, gave the pirates the opportunity not only to use the Windward Passage as a forbidden back door to the Caribbean but also to establish footholds there.

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