Cinema Pub Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

Cinema Pub Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

807 Washington St. Stoughton; (617) 344-4566

Combining two great words that go great together, the Cinema Pub easily caught Mine’s attention. All seats are $1 for all shows, offering movies just a few weeks out of the first-run houses. Along with old-time prices, the cinema features one big screen and a balcony; how often do you see that anymore?

The place is also decorated with nostalgic movie posters yet it’s air-conditioned, and the modem seats have cup holders, ideal for that $3 pint of Sam Adams you can purchase with your popcorn. Several other beers are offered on tap, a joy for those who recall sneaking beer past the ticket window in their wilder days. Traditional movie snacks are complemented by pub fare such as burgers, pizza, and nachos. The prices are more like Fenway than frugal, but hey, how much did it cost to get in?

Occasionally, Cinema Pub also presents community theater performances and comedy shows, with prices usually $10 and under.

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