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Main St. 704/664-3898, HOURS: Third Sat. in May 9 A.M.-3 P.M.

COST: Free

The Race City Festival has been running for 20 years. It was known as the Lake Norman Festival and Lake Norman Days until the local Chamber of Commerce decided to aim the festivities at NASCAR fans and dubbed it the Race City Festival. The one-day event is an arts and crafts fair with a racing twist: Many of the 120 vendors make pieces with a NASCAR theme, including handmade blankets with driver numbers and wooden carvings of racing legends. There are food vendors, wine tastings, and live entertainment.

Coastal Taino had large boats and were excellent fishermen. Sturdy Cleveland Map nets were made from homegrown cotton. The Taino on Hispaniola lived well, and their numbers grew Cleveland Map to as many as 3 million according to some estimates. Most experts, however, place the figure much lower, perhaps 400,000 people. What is known is that the Amerindians were not immune to European diseases. Smallpox, malaria, and even many of our common childhood diseases took a dreadful toll on the native populations, as did being enslaved to work the mines and fields.

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