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Kove in southwest ireland was the last port of call for the rms titanic on April th she headed out across the Atlantic.

I love the history of Titanic history starting with prehistory we are rewarded when we get up there with lovely views out over the bay you can actually see spike island you can see whole bow line you can actually see over spike island for the Titanic would have sat at the mouth of the harbor a handful of passengers disembarked the Titanic just prior to departure they would soon discover. How lucky they were to have been delayed the buildings streets, and piers of Cove have changed little over the last century inspiring visions of what Irish life was once left imagine standing on the exact dock where your ancestors once stood soon to board one of the great steamers to set off to create a new life never to see Ireland again.

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I was during these early years of growth, and the exploration of other colonies – that a steady stream of ships began to cross the Atlantic Ocean on what was now a regular basis, and what all of this has gone posts it has endowed the place with a fascinating diversity of military maritime immigrants social, and exploratory which people, and have you learned anything. So far a lot especially about the Lusitania because.

I hadn’t had a clue as to the political situation at that time on May during World War one the Cunard ocean liner Lusitania was torpedoed, and sunk by a German u-boat over, lives were lost the work that they resulted in the answering of many prayers daring fishermen ventured into waters filled with German subs to rescue passengers, and crew who are still alive the more you know the more you appreciate first of all the speaker, and second of all the history of the that’s really wonderful can’t say enough about Barbies name Dublin native, and program director Barbara long has a deep passion for her country, and loves to share it with us along with eight years of experience, and seemingly endless knowledge of Ireland she’s also quick with a story a joke or a spontaneous sing-along you you.

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