Map of Saudi Arabia

The People

Most Saudis are Arabs. They are related to the people who lived on the same land thousands of years before. The Saudi people are also Muslims. The Saudis follow many religious rules. For example, women in public must wear black cloaks that cover their bodies from head to toe.

Women cross a street in Mecca. In Saudi Arabia’s cities, some women don’t cover their faces.

The Holy Book of Islam is called the Koran. It says that all Muslims, if they have enough money, must visit Mecca. About two million Muslims visit Mecca every year to pray at the Great Mosque. A mosque is the building where Muslims pray.

The Kingdom Tower and city skyline of Riyadh

City Life and Country Life

A Bedouin boy washes his face at a camel market in Hofuf.

Map of Saudi Arabia Photo Gallery

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