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Naples – Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello Day Trip

I’m on a tour of the Amalfi coast today and we’re gonna visit a bunch of little towns along the way. Our first stop is Sorrento, which is a cute little town, and it’s famous for its lemon trees and Limoncello. There are all sorts of Limoncello here, and I just met the owner, and it’s been in his family since, oh god, forever. Here’s my Limoncello. Oh it’s strong, but it’s lemony. It’s good.

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Sorrento is this cliff town and I’m walking around. It’s so cute, these tiny little cobblestone streets, little alleyways, and then in the middle of Sorrento is this giant hole. And this right here used to be a mill.

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I’m standing in the public gardens, and I have the most beautiful view of Sorrento and of the beaches. It’s this turquoise-green water, and you don’t see houses down on the ground.

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Everything’s up on a cliff. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m now down the coast a little further in a town called Positano. It’s famous for its brightly colored swimwear and its sandals. And you can see these tiny little alleyways that we’re gonna go and check out. This is awesome! This guy is making sandals right here on the sidewalk. The hugest lemon I have ever seen. It’s like a double grapefruit. I’m dressed in chili peppers and lemons.

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I’ve made it through all the little alleyways in Positano and now I’ve arrived at the gorgeous beach. When you’re up on the hill, you see all these beautiful views of the sea. And then when you’re down here by the water, you see all these like, gorgeous little houses covering the hills.

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I’m in the quaint little town of Ravello. It’s even smaller than the other little places we visited. And it’s actually a lot less touristy. It’s very family-oriented. You’ll see little kids running around the square. It’s great. I love it here. Between the beaches, the food, and the exquisite views, this area truly is a paradise.

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