Colomares Castle Benalmadena

Welcome to the beautiful Costa del Sol, the preferred holiday destination for millions of holiday makers every year. One very praticular tourist attraction is the Colomares Castle in Benalmadena. The castle was built as an homage to Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. Let’s take a look around this very special and unique monument. This monument was made by Stephen Martin Esteban Martín who was a Spanish medical doctor but he went to the United States to work as a gynaecologist and he spent part of his life there.

Colomares Castle Benalmadena Photo Gallery

When he became a senior citizen he decided to come back again here, to Spain and he bought this land in Benalmadena and then he started to study history, culture, art and he decided to commemorate a very special part of the Spanish history that’s the discovery of America and that’s Christopher Columbus. We need to understand that special moment of the first trip of Columbus.

As a Spaniard, moving to the United States and leaving everything, he went alone to the US and he has seen in the US that they don’t really understand what is true and what is false in the history of the first trip of Columbus, even who is Christopher Columbus, they didn’t know it so he wanted to do something special about that. And that’s why this monument exists, that the origin of this castle. It started in , of course, he used his proper money, his proper talent to build it he made everything, and he used two professional builders. They have made everything in years, from till . At that time, he couldn’t continue the building because he spent all the money he earned, he spent everything. He couldn’t continue the building, but what we have here you will never see in another part of the world something more complete, more different and really a proper memory about that first trip of Columbus and about Christopher Columbus. We invite you to the Costa del Sol to visit this historical castle in the beautiful village of Benalmadena in the province of Malaga.

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