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Patagonia is one of the world’s most invigorating escapes with its glacier-fed lakes of bariloche, and it’s breathtaking views of the Andean range, and Chile. How might the spirit found here touch you very few people get to see this place, and it’s real chill away is the fifth largest island in South America home to an abundance of unusual wildlife inhospitable Islanders. I’m Alex Merida, and well. This is my Island my favourite island they had an of chiloé look at this beautiful in was that the last file Alex he conveys great passion about his country about his community, and about his culture, and that makes a difference in our trip to explain those kind of pregnancies that nobody wanted to explain this fear we found very you know.

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So. Because he was the son of the daughter of a spellbook, and we have a couple of some fibers in the sink okay, it’s just. So unique, and all these color homes the only other place they saw they said thank you.

I saw some of this architecture, and colors here in Buenos Aires in the artisan markets of castro known for their woolen sweaters, and straw figures by the way a PRT the potatoes the meats, and that is the leads of the rhubarb or the gunnera that we were talking about this traditional Chilean meal is called Toronto Toronto comes from St Louis archipelago this wildlife sanctuary is habitat for several endangered animals including one of the largest colonies of the Magellanic penguin these sea birds are here to mate males reclaim former burrows, and call out for their lifetime mates the two will then spend a month raising their chicks to adulthood they’re really wonderful experiences. I’ve enjoyed them through all these countries of God, it’s just that the people are. So warm they made you feel.

So welcome. We’ve seen deeper things met different people, it’s been fabulous Chile, and Argentina let their spirit rejuvenate you as you create new friendships, and unforgettable experiences.

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