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1.5 Trail intersection; the spur trail to the left leads to the boggy shoreline of Cranberry Lake in 0.2 miles. Bear right to continue on the main loop.

1.8 National Christmas Tree Site.

2.0 Trail intersection completing the circuit portion of this hike.

Continue straight ahead, passing the trail on the right, to return to the trailhead.

2.2 Bear left passing a trail on the right. In a short distance, continue straight ahead passing another trail on the right.

2.3 Trail intersection; turn left.

2.6 Trailhead at the campground.

Its open end faces westward toward Cuba, located about 60 Colombia Map miles (97 kilometers) to the northwest across the Windward Passage. The sides of the horseshoe Colombia Map represent Haiti’s two long, rather narrow peninsulas that are formed by mountain crests that rise above the sea. They are separated by the Golfe de la Gonave (Gulf of Gonave), which occupies the empty center of the horseshoe. The horseshoe’s arch is formed by a series of plateaus, mountains, and valleys. Haiti can be divided into three areas based upon terrain: the northern, central, and southern regions. There are also several nearby islands that belong to the country.

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