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From Dallas/Fort Worth History Responding to Boston’s Tea Party, Parliament passes the Dallas/Fort Worth Map Tourist Attractions Coercive Acts, a series of measures dubbed the Intolerable Acts by the colonies. One law closes Dallas/Fort Worth Map Tourist Attractions the port of Boston until the East India Company is compensated for its lost property. On July 4, 1774, a large public meeting in New York City issues a formal protest against the law and collects funds for the aid of Boston’s townspeople. New York elects eight delegates to represent the colony in the Continental Congress, which convenes September 5 in Philadelphia. Among the measures agreed upon by the Congress is the Continental Association, an intercolonial nonimportation movement. 1775 In January, the colonial Assembly (dominated by conservative loyalists) adjourns for what proves to be the final time. It conducts no more business thereafter and is prorogued permanently by the governor by early 1776. In April, the first in a series of provincial congresses is elected. These bodies represent the growing revolutionary sentiment in New York and quickly assume the function of the colony’s de facto government.

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