HEALTH Before you leave, pack any special medications you take in sufficient quantity to last for your trip. A particular medication may not be available in China. If you do need prescription medication while in China and the medication is available, a precaution is to purchase prescription medications from international clinics to assure quality.

It is also wise to bring medicine for minor ailments such as stomach upsets, cold remedies and allergies. Locally you can buy Panadol, Aspirin and other basic pharmacy goods at pharmacists and also big chains, like Walmart, have pharmacy sections.

As with travel anywhere, if applicable, you should carry a letter from your doctor detailing your medical conditions and listing current medications. Many doctors and pharmacists can read English.

You should also take out health insurance to cover the risk of expenses for hospitalization in China in the case of emergencies. Check the plan coverage, process of filing claims and whether emergency evacuations and repatriations are covered.

You should check with your doctor before you leave which vaccinations you might need. Vaccinations to consider are: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Influenza flu.

For minor emergencies we recommend SOS Clinic in Shekou, they have English speaking doctors with a wide range of medicines. Visitors who have not signed up for the SOS health insurance package are usually allowed one paid consultation.

They are at:

Ground Floor, CMIT Building No 9 Nanhai Road South Shekou

Phone 0755 2669 3667

After hours emergency 0755 2667 4780

If you are insured with SOS, they can also arrange evacuations. See below.


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