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COMMENTARIES, Biblical COMBAT iconography. Depictions of combat in Christian iconography can be divided into three groups: 1 combat between two people, 2 combat between a person and an animal, and 3 combat between animals. The first group contains a single example: a late 3rd-c. painting in a cubicle in the catacomb of SS. Pietro e Marcellino, Rome. Mananimal combat appears in scenes of the Samson cycle in the catacomb of Via D. Compagni Ferrua, Via Latina, pls. CV-CIX-XVII-XXXI, 1. An example of this type also appears on a panel of the diptych of the consul Aureobindus 506, where a combat scene between men and lions in the circus is depicted. Combat between animals is much more common. The mosaics of the N and S halls of the Theodorian complex at Aquileia 2nd decade of the 4th c. show combat between cock and tortoise, symbols of light and darkness, respectively. A pavement mosaic from Amwas in Palestine 5th-6th c. shows combat between wild and domestic animals. In plastic art, a sarcophagus from Palazzo Lancellotti Rep. 976 and one from Villa Ludovisi Rep. 86, both in Rome, show scenes of cockfighting. Another example of combat is in the Tours Pentateuch fol. 56a

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His sister, Kimberly, began working with the company in Colombia Subway Map 2001. Since 2004, they have been co-owners and co-winemakers. Today the Colombia Subway Map Lorings are considered some of California’s top Pinot Noir winemakers their wines have made the Wine Spectator Top 100 list multiple years since 2004. Self-proclaimed nonfarmers, they are fanatical about sourcing grapes from trusted vineyards, including three in the nearby Sta. Rita Hills appellation. The Lorings give the vineyards free reign to farm their acres according to the same high standards in which they grow their own grapes.

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