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Liu’s novel represents the modern girl as a desirable embodiment of antipatriarchal, autonomous, urban and hybrid modernity’ (Shih 1996: 935). She is the incarnation of modernity itself expressed through eroticized behaviour and a dedication to consumer culture and sensual gratification, located in an urban environment which provides a space for the development of a transnational, globalized subject. It is an environment in which it is possible to form an aesthetic response to the urban condition through the mobility afforded by the car, as Ashley Perry explains in his research on the imaginative driving experiences of reconfigured geographies.

Dickens’ lyrical imaginary of London and Mao Tun’s picture of Shanghai’s modernist aesthetic and dedication to speed and consumerism may be contrasted with William Gibson’s post-capitalist, postmodern American city described in his novel Neuromancer. For his main protagonist, Case,

Often mistakenly referred to as the Albany Convention, the 1754 Columbus Map Tourist Attractions Albany Congress was a conclave of colonial representatives who met to work out collective relations with Native Countrys Columbus Map Tourist Attractions and to push for a collective colonial government. Albany Convention. 1 An independent ruling body formed in Albany, New York, in 1689, which was opposed to rebel leader Jacob Leisler’s control of the colony of New York, because it feared that his policies would alienate the colony’s Iroquois allies. Following a combined French and Native Country raid on Schenectady in 1690, the convention relinquished its opposition in favor of mutual defense. 2 This also is an alternate name for the Albany Congress of 1754. Almshouse.

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