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Dhows are traditional cruise vessels available in Dubai. Many tourists hire dhow vessels to cruise down Dubai creek, amongst the fascinating lights of the city. This gentle cruise is perfect for those who want to experience the cool breeze of Dubai backwaters, whilst admiring the stunning sceneries. This cruise is a one of a kind opportunity to spend with your friends or relatives. So, book your Dhow cruise in Dubai now, and experience the awesomeness of Dubai Creek.

Dhow cruises gives the user a more traditional outlook to the maritime experiences in Dubai. There are many companies that offer tourists different cruise packages. Tourists should compare different packages with each other, to make sure they get the best deal out of their trip.

In order to find the best dhow cruise, consumers have a choice between Dubai Creek or Marina.

The Marina dhow cruise Dubai has a more modern outlook and is appealing to sight-seeing tourists. The Dubai creek mostly amplifies an era of Dubai gone by.

Tourists should be cautious whilst selecting their guide for the tour, as the guide will be the foremost person to help you catch these breath-taking scenes. You should co-ordinate with your hotel to get the right guide. Although some of the freelancer guides are excellent, others are not, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your Dhow experience to a mis-informed guide.

Now, let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should opt for a Marina Dhow Cruise in Dubai:

1)Dhow cruises cater to the tourists every need and a night-out away from the hustle and bustle of the city will help you unwind and relax. Tourists also have the option of booking a Dhow for private functions or parties. These packages usually provide a DJ and a buffet dinner for the guests.

2)A dhow with large deck windows offer a breath-taking view of the backwaters and the night time of Dubai. There are more traditional dhows available for even a better view.

3)Couples who want to be left alone, to experience the cruise on their own, can also book a dhow cruise. The cruise offers the perfect setting for couples in love to take in the sights, and spending time with each other.

Incidentally, Dubai does not have any natural water bodies or oasis. However, there is an artificial canal named the Dubai Marina. The Marina and Dubai creek are the main locations where tourists experience dhow cruises.

Safety tips while going on a dhow cruise:

1) Make sure the radio or communication device is operational before renting the dhow, as it will be your only contact with the coast or harbour.

2) Plan your budget accordingly: Dhow rentals are not cheap and if you are planning on spending a couple of days out at sea, you might want to check on your finances.

Traditional dhows are quite common in Dubai. These dhows take out cruises every day, of each month. Although there are many dhow cruises around the year, you should still play it safe and book your tickets in advance. This will help you negate the rush during peak season.

Although there are some safety precautions that one must pay heed to. The dhow service providers reserve their right to cancel or reschedule the cruise if there is bad weather on that particular day, or if there is a national disaster like earthquakes, strikes, or even war.

Photography is allowed but it is advised not to take pictures of Arab Women.

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