69 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, 416-923-3323 www. dynastyyorkville .com CUISINE: Dim Sum DRINKS: Full Bar SERVING: Lunch & Dinner PRICE RANGE: $$$


This upscale eatery offers an extensive menu of traditional fare and dim sum. Favorites include: Dynasty Peking Duck and Szechuan Orange Peel Beef. If you’re a fan of dim sum then you’ll love this place.


Not surprisingly, kelp is everywhere, so you need to look for the highest point in the kelp level. The reefs have lots of squat lobsters (‘little men’), urchins, codling, the occasional crab or lobster and a few topknots, which are a small but rather thick-bodied type of flatfish. If you look closely enough, they can normally be seen slithering about on the roof of overhangs and ledges and make excellent eating. On the flood tide, the current can be rather strong and tends to run in two directions from this position, either east through Staple Sound or west around Solan Rock, depending exactly where you are in the dive sit. On the ebb, however, there is very little current at all. Two hundred metres north of the western end of Knoxes Reef is a large pile of flat rocks and some big boulders in 12-14 metres with only a thin covering of kelp. A few edible crabs can sometimes be picked up and large shoals of coley are often seen. Currents can be strong on the flood and very strong on the spring tide, but the ebb tide is only moderate. East of Solan Rock, the surrounding reefs form a quiet little horseshoe-shaped bay at low ebb tide and it is an ideal site for a novice diver. The centre of the bay is about 6 metres deep with very large boulders and dense kelp.

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