Family Thrift Center US Map & Phone & Address

Family Thrift Center US Map & Phone & Address

• 2 Hancock St, Quincy; (617)471-8387

Looking like the Salvation Army, but in fact a privately owned retail store, this immense warehouse acquires used goods from charity organizations and sells them for a song even offering half-off sales on different items each day. Many selections have been around the block and thus are not for all shoppers, but at these prices

Racks of all kinds of clothing seem to stretch for miles. Women, find shorts for $1.95-$3.95, including selections from Guess and Gitano; linen pants from Ann Taylor and jeans from Jantzen ($4.95); and charcoal blazers from Brooks Brothers at a stirring $2.95. Mine also chanced upon shoes from 9 West, Filene’s, and Perry Ellis for under $3.

Men can score jeans as low as $3.95, and chinos (one pair still sporting the original Levi’s tags) for $2.95. Colorful Ralph Lauren rugby shirts were also seen at that price, and loads of striped dress shirts are there for under $4. Tons of kids clothing is mostly priced at 95 e apiece.

Fortunate enough to drop in when all furniture was half-price, Mine walked off with a six-sided wooden end table for $12, a floor lamp for $5, and a well-worn leather-cush-ioned chair for $3.50. And clear plastic grab bags filled with small toys, including good condition Barbies, range from $2.95-$5.95.

A large flea market (open weekends) and a small cafeteria are found under the same high roof as Family Thrift, which is open 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Tuesdays through Sundays.

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