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Government Center, Boston Dating from 1742, Faneuil Hall became the Cradle of Liberty when our forefathers began to debate British taxation policies. The hall continues to be the site of political debates. It was here too that Michael Dukakis (remember him?) declared his candidacy for president in 1988. Meanwhile, you can just stroll in and explore one of our nation’s most important meeting places. National Park Service Rangers are on hand to answer questions and give a quick history lesson. The hall is open all year and there’s no tax on admission. Take the stairs or an elevator from the shops on the ground floor.

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You can still, though, find the odd crab in the undulating mounds of rock which are covered in long kelp strands. Moving out east away from Gun Rocks and towards Staple Island, depths are in the region of 10-12 metres with a sandy seabed. At the entrance to the channel between the two islands of Staple and Brownsman are a number of large boulders on the sloping bottom at 10 metres and it always worth looking under them. On the flood tide there is a considerable amount of water being funnelled between the islands and on the top half of the flood tide it is possible to make a drift dive, bringing you out between dives (7) and (8). If a drift dive is contemplated, then the boat cover should wait at the south end and not attempt to go through the channel because it is rather shallow in the middle. This is the wrecksite of the barque Snowdonia, where a number of nice little artefacts have been recovered in recent years. One diver found a complete sextant while another picked up the compass. The ship was copper-sheathed and after storms it can sometimes be seen protruding from the sand. There are still a few remnants of the wreck left, including the anchor, chain, keel and a few spars and frames. It lies at the base of the cliff face in only 8 metres of water but is little difficult to locate, because most of the remains are buried close to the rock face.

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