How To Find Cheap Travel Deals To Singapore

Singapore has proven itself to be one of Asia, and even the world’s, sought after destination. Despite its smaller geographic statistics as compared to its neighboring countries, Singapore still boasts a lot of notable plus points, including its amazing cityscape from the Singapore River, to the Marina Bay, or Merlion Park. It also has its steps forward in terms of modernity and technology with Asia’s first PufferSphere or their 6D motion ride. Of course traveling won’t be complete without the food adventures, and Singapore is just as spot on. They have some of the best and internationally known restaurants in almost all avenues in the city, but their local dishes are a must try and not to be missed!

Don’t be intimidated to travel though, having all these mentioned. There are a lot of ways you can cheaply travel to Singapore and here are ways how:


Getting fairly big discounts on flight tickets, going over 70% off, is not impossible anymore with more and more airlines and travel agencies giving promo sales for avid travelers! If you were a frequent explorer then you would already have an idea when these airlines announce promo sales each year. If you are not though, then you can stand by for these airline companies’ good news. You can book your flight to Singapore months before your intended date to book a sale price. That will surely save your budget, and maybe allot it for your airport transfer instead. Try checking Trip Advisor or Fly Scoot for latest airfare promo deals.


Same with airfare, it is also beneficial to book your accommodations early or ahead of time to possible get cheaper room deals. Needless to say, if you want to go to Singapore on peak season, then expect to pay higher rate if you will also book for room accommodations on the same peak season as well. Better book your preferred hotel or apartment right when you get to catch cheaper promo deals as they are only available for limited time only. Aside for booking early accommodations, you can also search for groupons or group deals giving consumers a great cut on discounts as well. You can check Trip Advisor, Wego, Expedia, or Airbnb for cheaper accommodations in Singapore


Contacting and booking transport service may not only cut down your budget but as well as your energy, time and effort. Although Singapore may also boast its easy commuting and transportations system, as a traveler, getting a transportation service to guide and help you around Singapore is still highly recommended. From the airport transport to help you to and from the airport, you can also book for bus service to bring you to your desired destination in Singapore, maybe even giving you tips and guide from their local and efficient drivers. You can check Legendary Bus, MyBus, or Stleetransport for cheap transport service.

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