How to Fit 10 Days of Outfits in a Carry-On Bag

When heading out of town, be it for a week or a month, it’s a necessity to pack with forethought and not panic. How to pack for travel seems to be a big question on the minds of most with only a few having truly mastered this skill. It can seem rather daunting at times, the idea that you want to look your absolute best even if you’re only going to be on walking through markets and streets during most of your trip. So, the key is to be reasonable with your wardrobe choices and sticking to them.

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1. One of travelling’s little secrets is that when it comes to packaging ideas – nobody knows or cares if you’re going to wear those jeans for a day or let alone a week. In fact, most of the people that you’re going to be surrounded by are probably new and strange faces. But that also doesn’t mean that you dress like you aren’t bothered with your look. You can still look stylish, as all you have to do is make sure that you have a selection of fuss-free options to choose from in that travel pack of yours.

2. Whether it’s tees to tops to shorts to jeans to delicate dresses, always pick options that you can mix and match well with– a sleeveless shrug that you can pair with a top or dress, shorts that you can wear with a tank or shirt, depending on the weather. So plan ahead and sort out your clothes by way of matching it with your itinerary so that you can travel in fashionable comfort orstyle.

3. The key to packing light and in an efficient manner is to make sure that your choices are of a neutral palate. Here’s a list of the essentials that not only are smart options but can be effectively carried from point A to B:

Carry a few tees – a t-shirt will be a trusted companion on your journey as they can be matched with any bottom wear. The next item on your list should be shirts, either formal kind or casual, but cart a few to be on the safe side.

A fewelegant dresses that can be spruced up in a jiffy and still look neat are a must-pack. A few bottoms, be it shorts, trousers or jeans – all of these have proven their mettle when it comes to helping you keep up casual appearances effortlessly.

Two or three pairs of shoes, preferably ones that you can wedge into the corner without causing any damage (e.g- ballerinas, canvas sneakers or even flats), and a jacket or two to shield you from the elements, should they change against your favour.

When it comes to ideas for how to pack luggage, there are a few tried and tested methods, the first and most important factor being order and space management. Remember that your standard carry-on suitcase has rather small dimensions when compared to the usual amounts of luggage you may choose to travel with (cupboard included).
A simple way to get all of this into your carry-on case is by neatly rolling them up and positioning them in a structured manner, with the heavier of your staples being at the bottom and then working your way up to the lighter pieces.

You’d be surprised at how much you can actually fit in and will in all likeliness have room for some more.

So fret not about taking your world with you, and being smart and practical will take care of most of your worries!

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