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A clever idea, I thought, since the day was Luzhou Travel hot and muggy. Other people resting on benches in the courtyard fanned themselves with red Chinese Luzhou Travel paper fans, or woven straw ones. Pilgrims moved to and fro, pausing to genuflect and prostrate themselves, and lighting as many as ten joss sticks at each shrine. But, for me, the essence of Chengdu was in the tea shops. Roadside bamboo armchairs and strong leaf-tea. I suppose you could say they’ve got it down to an art.

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Gasoline Music emphasizes this audio-vision duality between presence and imagination by using the anonymous, repetitive and highly familiar space of the motorway and making it into something that is multifarious, stimulating and embodied. Being in the Rogues’ Gallery Citroen creates an out-of-the-ordinary experience through the amplification of sound, the relationship to place and the framing of the experience as a discreet performance work. This creates a sense of the extraordinary – a creative and imaginative space in the city. Yet, the volume and intensity of the sound also continually re-focuses passengers into the immediate encounter with the material spaces of the car and road. The sound of the car/road, which is amplified by Gasoline Music, locates bodies into the spaces of the urban environment and into the car. This is quite different from the way music in the car can take you elsewhere, a distraction and distortion of place, as Margaret Morse and Michael Bull have identified.

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