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I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have erected such a gigantic church.

I surpassed you the prophet Solomon this was. How the Emperor Justinian exalted under the magnificent dome at a higher Sofia early in the morning on December he had all the reason to take pride in this immense accomplishment the construction of the largest Cathedral the house of the sacred wisdom the highest Sofia was finally finished the highest Sofia is an historical landmark it is part of what makes Istanbul what it is an artful architectural demonstration of the golden era of Byzantine civilization a masterpiece semi pagan semi Christian, it’s physical structure reflects the last phase of the Roman architectural tradition whereas spiritually, and aesthetically the higher Sofia is the fantastic beginning of the Orthodox Christianity.

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It begins as a mere design the architectural innovative spirit avisa daughters of Millie toes, and the mathematical genius of our tanios of talus merge in the making of the huge facility the sunlight filtered through the Dome of the cupola washes the gleaming author all day long mysterious whispers fill the air of this mystical space the poor feride tariffs from pergamon are filled with Christ’s blood or sacred water, and the Byzantine mosaic work Kade with Kucera add the sacredness of icons to the magic of the highest or fear the great Constantine offers a model of the city the Byzantium to mother Mary while Justinian has in his hands a model of the higher Sophia Leon the th performs the ritual prostrations before the Son of God at the Emperor’s gate on the eastern wall next to Christ’s.

The portraits of Constantine, and his wife Zoe acquirer holiness the Virgin Mary with the baby Christ in her arms has been in the South gallery of the highest Sophia for centuries now the Emperor Johannes con menos, and his wife the Hungarian princess RNA have been in her sublime presence in all a depiction of the dayss portrayals of Judgment Day the Father, and Son, and the Holy Spirit mother Mary in the Baptizer Johannes programas are begging cries for forgiveness for all humanity but without warning the protector mother, and the Savior Christ are abandoning the higher Sofia Mehmet the Conqueror comes to the megillah ecclesia on the morning of May the the Muslim aya sofia, and the Christian aya sofia are united into one structure rumors are diverse, and myths are similar from then on the architect is said to have disappeared into thin air during the construction the rumor is that he goes to Rome to construct the dome of San Pietro, and comes back after the foundations are erected, and goes on from where he leaves off in the construction of aya sofia.

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