Floating in the Dead Sea Masada Sunrise Westbank Israel

That’s really early Hey guys it is currently 5 a.m. we just spent a couple of hours driving out to an area called Masada, and it is known for it’s amazing sunrises. So we’re currently hiking to the top of Masada that is how we’re going to be starting our morning about halfway up the the 45-minute hike. But I just stopped to show you guys what it looks like ah we need to beat the Sun let’s go Jess guys we’ve made it to the top which was a much harder hike than what they said in the brochure why are we not fit yet Jess, and we still died. But the Sun is just starting to peak over, and is a very beautiful sunrise I think that is the Dead Sea lighting up there this place is really cool. Because it’s just this hill well this mountain just in the middle of nowhere perfect place for a fortress which was built in like early BC times, and there’s some ruins left over.

Floating in the Dead Sea Masada Sunrise Westbank Israel Photo Gallery

But I think it’s just. So unique there’s like such a good vantage point for them just to put this fortress yeah, and it’s really cool. Because you can just walk around, and it’s not that big reminds me of kind of Table Mountain it’s just. So flat at the top you can get some good views. But I think I think the view with the sunrise is my favorite view guys we just come to our next stop of the day we come to you in Getty national park, and had to pull over. Because look we’ve got a family mountain goats just here see the baby oh this is this is much needed being up since what 1:00 1:30 about my coffee oh it’s climbing the tree what is this buddy this is literally the equivalent of an oasis in the desert look it looks like like my eyes are deceiving me just see this desert my favorite promise that the hiking is over I think just will notice if I quickly to earth to the escape route where is she taking me well this is nice this is so cool this is not where I was expecting to be going right now really who would have expected this to be in Israel like a little green luscious Oasis that’s so nice welcome to the it feels like there’s a force just floating in the dead Hey guys this morning we found out that a brand hostels it does to us to the West banks we’ve woken up at 6:30 we’re currently waiting for our list, and we’re gonna be heading to the West Bank, and I think it’s gonna be super interesting day can’t wait to go see the entrance for Israeli citizens forbidden dangers to live, and it’s against that’s right look for Israelis they want that though they must have welcome to the West Bank everyone this is a place that I said before we came to Israel that I wouldn’t go to her, and I think that was just the media talking.

Because now that we spend quite a bit of time in Israel we thought we’d come, and explore West Bank now of course this is a high cautionary place to visit. But that’s why we’re here to show you guys that it is possible to come, and explore these places of course there’s a lot of issues in conflict here. But that’s not what we do in our posts if you want to you know look into all the political issues going on maybe look somewhere else on we’re just here to show you places, and you can make up your own mind. But we’re going to be exploring the West Bank I think we go visit Bethlehem which is very exciting. Because that’s where Christmas started. So that’s probably the high point, I’m looking forward to. But it is moving up for three hours, and haven’t had much sleep.

So let’s just get coffee first, and then we’ll show you around get myself a Frappuccino at Stars, and Bars cafe this is the Times Square of West Bank not much. But yeah this is what they call say Times Square welcome to Jericho everyone this is a really interesting City for like two or three reasons the first one is this is meant to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world dating back to like 10,000 years, and we are currently walking through old city at the moment there’s gonna be some more ruins the second thing is this is meant to be the lowest city on earth we’re currently 800 feet below sea level I like will drive in a nice like why do I keep popping my ears. But is here. Because we’re so low that was saying if you come here in summer they say don’t come here. Because it can get between 50 to 60 degrees Celsius I’ve never been, and heat that hopper fied I wouldn’t even know what it would feel like I was chatting to Jess, and like how hot does that feel, and we think of maybe if you were like in front of a fire. But just that all the time. So yeah at least it’s a good day today.

Because we’re not here in summer my iPhone won’t make the two year cycle. But this building here lasted since 2700 BC that’s like almost 5000 years I just don’t make things like I can’t believe this is still here after all this time I mean this place looks like like such an oasis. Because there’s so many palm trees against like the big desert mountains, and stuff by the way amount of temptation just there was this. So yeah you’re right. Because doesn’t Jericho mean palm trees he was saying this place is known for its dates, and just found a goodie, I’m not a huge fan of dates. But there, I’m obsessed it’s all I’ve been eating since coming to Israel, and there straight from the tree it tastes. So deep into the ones in the shops they’re amazing it’s got like a caramel taste as far as each other good I like them like this not to be dry we found the Fountain of Youth this is holy water right here this is like a lot of agriculture was born here, and just once he wants to feel younger, I’m a new woman Oh Jess you look at least 20 years younger guys they even feed the camels with holy water eyes we’re currently at the Jordan River, and this is the river that Jesus was baptized there’s so many people here ready to get baptized it’s amazing some people even go in the water here collect some of the water, I’m not gonna go get baptized about gotta touch the water.

Because we decided to grab a bit of lunch let’s do it of Bethlehem jess is very happy right now. So there’s a lot of Banksy original artwork through our Bethlehem, and of course this is one of these most notable works super interesting cuz just on the side of like a car wash she just came, and did it between like 2000 oh I think they were saying onwards, and it’s just yeah. So in Bethlehem, and we’re going to see the Nativity church being big Christmas Fair hugely excited for this. But. Because Jess decided to not wear appropriate yeah she lent me this to wear cuz I had to cover my knees yeah that’s what they are wearing this like thank you super hospitable yeah good just as I gotta feel like paying money to like buy something oh we don’t have enough shekels left in this old man came up you borrow my baptism thing, I’m like thank you so much by the way lunch is so good the food here in like Israel Palestine Jordan stuff. So good Union speech equal columns yeah.

So this is the area that Jesus was born all righty. So we just had to be fired in there that’s why we didn’t really blog. But funny story. So I was just walking in I was super busy. Because I saw a group just came in front of us, and behind us who were kind of rushing in to get in there. But I literally look around for Jessa, and I see a priest taking Jess with her speaking in maybe Hebrew or Armenian, and he was originally about the temperatures, and baptize her. Because he didn’t speak English she was like no, I’m just here, I’m just here okay.

But there was such a culture change realized we went into the spot where Jesus is amazing it was really incredible to see definitely a spot – thank you so much oh you just use that our last stop for the day is coming to the iconic West Bank wall is covered in graffiti some of you guys may have heard of this place this is the famous Banksy hotel seriously thanks he’s a genius with his artwork this is so much meaning behind everything, and this is just the lobby each different room has all different artworks. So to stay here you get to experience them if you have a peek through there that’s how you get up to your rooms that’s really smart literally booked this hotel to have it the worst views. But at the end of that is kind of the best views at the same time. So next to the hotel there is a paint shop called Walmart, and you can actually buy stencils here grab paint, and do your own stencil on the wall okay I think I found the best graffiti on this wall oh my gosh even with the yarmulke, and everything amazing if you ever seen the media clashes between Palestine, and Israel this is usually the spot where it happens luckily no clashes going on today any tear gas or anything. But this is this is the spot where it usually happens little.

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