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People sat outside their street doors in bamboo and wicker chairs Guiyang Travel , and invited their neighbours to play a board-game similar to draughts. Bean stalks Guiyang Travel and vines grew up from tubs of earth towards upper storeys and mingled with the pots of flowers hanging from the balconies. Cats prowled around, and song birds trilled from their cages. Among the residential streets are busy shopping streets selling clothes, stationery, bed springs, food and fruit, and furriers selling animal skins from the mountains – fox, bear, and something that looked like leopard. The sheepskin jackets, vests and overcoats were offered in short wool or long ringlets. Also I stopped at the Blind People’s Massage Parlour for a half-hour massage of my tired, aching muscles.

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With thanks to Dr Philip Samartzis and Darrin Verhagen (RMIT University) for their enthusiastic discussions and feedback on this chapter during its development. I would also like to thank HACO (Japan) for organizing a special performance of Gasoline Music and Cruising in Osaka, 2011. Finally, thank you to Rogues’ Gallery for providing the core inspiration for this chapter and for discussing their work with me.


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