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Jay Hopler Economy, Business, and Labor 1497 An Italian sea captain in English service, John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), discovers cod fisheries off the coast of Country. Fort Wayne Subway Map The news spreads rapidly in Europe. 1501 King Henry VII of England grants a monopoly of Country trade to some Bristol and Portuguese merchants. 1512 The Spanish government gives a charter to Juan Ponce de Léon’s expedition authorizing the taking of Native Country slaves. 1521 A Spanish slave-raiding party lands in present-day South Carolina, kidnapping natives to work in the Caribbean.

1543 The Spanish government ineffectively bans enslavement of Native Countrys in its New World possessions. 1562 The English captain John Hawkins lands in West Africa to take on a cargo of slaves destined for the Spanish colonies in Country. This is the first English slave-trading voyage. British involvement in the African slave trade will be marginal until the 1640s. 1573 The Spanish Crown issues the “Orders for New Discoveries.” These orders establish the legal regime under which New Mexico will be colonized; they envision an economy based on encomiendas (grants of land and local rule), as well as exacting tribute from Native Countrys. 1576–1578 The English sailor Martin Frobisher makes his first voyage to the Arctic in 1576 in search of the Northwest Passage. He returns with what he believes is gold ore.

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