Frankie From Rangoon Burma Trip Leader

Hey My name is Jeannie, and major of travel has called me Frankie.

I was born in Rangoon and I’m a trip leader of oversea Avenger trouble am. I working for the program called the land of cotton pagodas, and floating gardens. I was born in Rangoon bed.

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I brought up in the other small town. Because my father was a soldier. So he got a retired.

So he moved to a little town, and that’s the place where we grownup. We’ve been isolated for more than years in this country we are very reserved, and there in terms of culture, and tradition a lot of our visitors come far away you know. So we don’t we don’t want to miss any opportunities, and chances to to see what its life environment look like you know.

This is not showcase. This is what we we see the reality what is happening at the moment normally with obviously Avenger trouble we have the feature programs meanwhile when we have the free time we also offer what we can do locally. So one of the one of the things that.

I do is in Rangoon that. I let them go by taxi on their own and I explain. How you know they’re gonna deal with the taxi drivers so I set up a meeting point, and then later.

I catch the map, and then. I brought them to a railway station and I put them on a train you know, it’s such a great thing. Because the tree is the cheapest transportation in town.

So there are a lot of people there. So it is something that we we do together, and then in the middle of the right we stopped, and move to a living area, and we walk in this living area which is not actually a touristy place but to me it is very interesting for my travellers to stop go there to live it the real living area, and try to talk with the people there, and then we go to a non tourist temple you know normally tours are go into temples that are described in the tour guide a guide books but. I would like to go that kind of place.

So which is very unique to my travelers, and to myself too most of the travelers said. This is the great great place they ever seen in the world the this sort of this sort of myths you know the place already before they leave you.

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