Frenchman’S Reef & Morning Star Marriott, St. Thomas, Usvi


Make it of cial in a bluf -top gazebo overlooking the Caribbean Sea; then celebrate to the tune of a steel-drum band on the Sea Clif Terrace.

Stay at the Frenchman’s Reef, or upgrade to the resortwithin-a-resort, the beachfront Morning Star.

The two properties comprise six restaurants, fi ve bars, three pools and a spa; spoil your maids in the three poolside spa cabanas.

Rooms from $209; weddings from $1,099.

The weather was bad: a northerly gale was blowing and patches of thick fog made visibility extremely poor, but very soon the weather worsened. The gale increased to storm force and the combination of wind, heavy rain and fog was seriously affecting the ship’s headway. The master soon realised that, with the strong tidal streams, she was actually being driven backwards in the darkness of night.

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Captain Humble decided to run before the storm in an attempt to find shelter behind the Farne Islands. He caught sight of a light which he presumed to be that of Farne Island on the Inner Farnes, although it was in all probability the Longstone light in the Outer Farnes. At 0400 hrs on 7 September, the Forfarshire smashed into the western corner of Big Harcar, now known as Forfar Rock. Within 15 minutes one of her paddle axles broke off, causing a massive hole in the hull through which the sea rushed, drowning most of the people on board. James Keeley, a ship’s weaver of Dundee and witness at the inquiry, said: They had the hatches off nearly the whole way to admit air and let the steam out. A little before 4 o’clock on the Friday morning the ship struck, it was quite dark; all Thursday and during the night the weather was very thick and foggy. When the vessel struck, I was in the cabin and two or three minutes after I got on the deck the vessel parted in two.

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