Hotel Kivotos Mykonos Mykonos Island, Greece

A few impressions before starting my grand tour My Kivotos Mykonos is the most famous boutique hotel on the Greek island of. I also show some footage of Mykonos island in this post. Mykonos is known for its beautiful towns, lovely beaches, and nightlife. The hotel is a 10 minute drive from Mykonos Town – the largest town on the island – is also known as Hora. Kivotos Mykonos is located in idyllic Ornos Bay Ornos Bay boasts one of the best sandy beaches on the island. The hotel was originally designed as a family.

The owners came up with the name “Kivotos”, which refers to Noah’s. The villa was later transformed into a hotel. The hotel – which opened in 1993 – is still owned & managed by the Michopoulo. The white marble space is a brightened by a colorful Murano chandelier. Kivotos Mykonos prides itself on its eye-catching style The unique decor blends modern and classic elements with quirky hints. The boutique hotel houses a great number of art works. This includes paintings, sculptures, and replicas of Delian artifacts. The property features more than 2000 French antiques.

Hotel Kivotos Mykonos Mykonos Island, Greece Photo Gallery

In addition, an impressive collection of Louis Vuitton trunks is on display in the lobby: The lobby offers a view of Ornos Bay. The white buildings below the lobby house the rooms and suites (shown later). Kivotos Mykonos is very popular among celebrities With a bit of luck, you can rub shoulders here with post stars and athlete. With a bit of luck, you can rub shoulders here with post stars and. Shakira, Girard Pique, John Legend, George Michael, and Xabi Alonso. The list of celebrities that have stayed here includes: Shakira, Girard Pique, John Legend, George Michael, and Xabi Alonso.

The hotel also has a reputation as a royal playground. In 2014, Prince Albert II of Monaco spent his holidays at Kivotos. A stair leads from the lobby to the accommodations. The rooms are located on the hillside, most (but not all) of them enjoying sea view. The 5-star property resembles a charming Greek village. The rooms are spread along alleys, laid out in intricate marble and stone mosaic. Everything is built in traditional Cycladic architecture. Alluring whites meet with playful shades of blue, taupe, and green. The hotel features 43 rooms & suites in total. Some of the suites come with a plunge pool on their balcony.

The hotel has two swimmings pools. This is the smaller one of the two pools, located in the courtyard. The other pool is larger and more popular. I show this seafront pool later in this post, after the room tour. Some more impressions of the idyllic courtyard. The property has a charming Mykonian look you’ll instantly fall in love with. I stayed in this room during my visit. Room type: junior suite sea view. I stayed in this room during my visit Room type: junior suite sea view. Tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso:. Daily breakfast, airport transfers, $100 USD resort credit, & upgrade (link below post). This is the suite’s stylish bathroom. It features a bathtub with jets, one sink, and a rainshower.

This is the suite’s stylish bath. Deluxe Bulgari toiletries await in the bathroom. They all made it safely to my own bathroom at home :-). The room has a queen sized bed. The bed linens are of high quality. The room is tastefully decorated. It features a separate sitting area with a couch and a desk. Welcome gift Fresh fruits. A glass floor adds a funky touch to the decor. Each room at the property features a different layout and design. The room opens to a shared terrace with sea views. At first, I was a bit puzzled about the ‘pit’ in the terrace. This pit should actually be a water pond. The sun loungers are supposed to float in the water. I arrived on the 1st day of the 2018 sum The hotel was not completely ready yet to host guests :-). The hotel was not completely ready yet to host guests :-).

The next day, everything was operating norm. I show the pond filled with water later in this post. The shared room terrace overlooks the sea & main pool. The pool is brand new (the pool area was completely renovated during the past winter). Guides and postcards of Mykonos. Let’s explore the main pool. This pool is located on the lower level, right above the hotel’s private. The pool is filled with saltwater. It features a swim-up bar, a jacuzzi, and underwater music. The restaurant ‘Le Pirate1 is located poolside It overlooks the azure waters of Ornos Bay. It offers Mediterranean cuisine.

I have dinner here later in this post. It’s one of the hotel’s two restaurants. The other one – La Meduse – is located above the lobby and also shown later. A boutique shop is located besides the pool. It sells fashionable resort wear and beachwear clothes. Poolside lunch, Greek chicken kebab salad. An intimate spa is located besides the pool It offers an array of treatments for every need and desire. The spa reception is located on the pool level. The stylish treatment rooms are housed in the basement below the pool. The hotel is beautifully lit at night. It’s an oasis of calmness and peace amidst Mykonos’ famous nightlife.

Let’s have dinner at the poolside restaurant.. The seasonal menu is created by award-winning chef Jerome Serres. Let’s have dinner at the poolside restaurant. Sea bass tartar with fluffy guacamole, crispy beetroot and slightly spicy red pepper sorbet. Lobster with refreshing gaspazzo, crispy beetroot with avocado and celery sorbet. Fresh crawfish tartar with coconut jelly, Belluga caviar, frozen avocado crumble and citrus sauce. Red mullet souffle with fresh sea urchin and shellfish sauce, flavored with spiced chorizo.. Black Angus fillet flavored with truffle and topinambour with carrot and almond mousse.

Macarons flavored with olive oil, almond and white chocolate sweet cream with red fruits.. Consomme in symphony of fruits and citrus strawberry sorbet.. At night, Le Meduse is transformed into one of Mykonos’ best gourmet restaurants. The buffet offerings change daily. Ornos beach is a 10 minute walk from the hotel. It offers fine sand with sun beds and umbrellas for rent. Mykonos has a beach to suite everyone’s need. There are 25 beaches in total and they attract hordes of European tourists in summer.. Most people travel to Mykonos for its beaches. IMHO, the island’s biggest charm is the hilly interior, dotted with traditional villages. The island also welcomes the rich and famous. Recent visitors include Leonardo DiCaprio, Mariah Carey, & Usain Bolt to name but a few.

The beautiful island is known as a party island. Mykonos is also very welcoming to the LGBT community. Mykonos’ capital Hora is a must see location. The small town is a 10 minute drive from the hotel. Hora is home to several 16th-century windmills. They represent one of Greece’s most iconic features. Hora’s most popular area is Little Venice. This is a cluster of arcaded Venetian houses leaning over the sea. Little Venice is a photographer’s dream. The famous area features on countless postcards and paintings. The houses have been converted into bars & restaurants. The overwater terraces are the perfect location for a drink or romantic dinner. Little Venice is especially busy around sunset. It’s easy to understand why as the setting is utterly gorgeous in the fading light. Hora’s old town is a maze of narrow alleys. The streets are lined by whitewashed houses, tiny churches, restaurants and boutiques.

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