This Burbank area is actually really nice.

Because the last time we were in LA were saved in the heart of Hollywood which isn’t the nicest area this one is lovely you know like a little suburb area very pretty hmm don’t judge guys it’s a tradition every time we go to a theme park we saw our day with nachos pancakes amazing oh yeah, I’m so excited. So are you looking don’t Dominion right yeah this is co-op is like when you go to warn fathers get ready to go on the lock tool now they’re just after the minion ride we were asked to do a dance mary-kate is deceptive enterprise we end up winning may pass that gets us to the front of Amy Brian, and I think we’re using it for the transformers rivals it’s a hour wait some weeks we can get to arrive to the front.


So embarrassing ourselves, and my ring in front of everyone I just have no one eye contact me too first we’re going to now go, and watch some water attraction thing ladies of cement water some water world it’s like a show it’s gonna go check that out first, and then I think we’re going to go, and check what’s the longest some waiting time, and use it on their switches yes awesome guys were. So close to folklore we went there to Orlando, and it was amazing you’ll be good whenever or something it’s a mushroom burger with some chips, and some coleslaw how’s everyone doing enjoy you.

So yes people save the lost to rise like my favorite ride to Colossus is the mummy ride, and the drastic let me kiss you play while we play I can we’ve left the roller coaster the mommy ride, and now she’s making drew nervous we’ve seen everything. So now we’re just going to run around, and see what we can fit in for the next hour before the park closes transformers again that was a good ride for sure to go from the night when it got big cheese. So weird guys these lines were before we should have come at night, and then just done everything really quickly fat chance that will never work they told I just wait one day she never wanted a spaz down she told him she was common.

So there herself there was so much fun guys I hope you enjoyed that post we’re exhausted mom sorry time I love Universal Studios it’s so much fun I love theme parks. So Wilson, and tomorrow is now gonna be probably a catch-up one worked kind of chill day. So we’ll organize something in the night to do yeah um see you guys right.

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