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George Town is the capital city of Penang and the second largest city in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. George Town is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia, as it has many historical sites to visit and is also where Penang’s famed Night Safari is located.

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George Town is the capital of Penang and the most populous city in Malaysia. It is located on the eastern coast of Penang Island, and has a population of over 300,000 people. George Town was founded by the British in 1819 as a trading post, and became an important port for Southeast Asia. Today, it is a major tourist destination, with many historical and cultural attractions to enjoy. Here are some things to know about George Town:

-The city is home to many mosques and churches, as well as markets and shops.

-George Town is known for its seafood dishes, including fresh fish from the local fishing boats and crabs cooked in a variety of ways.

-The city also has some interesting museums, including the Penang Museum and the Maritime Museum.

-There are plenty of opportunities for sport and recreation in George Town, including walks along the coastline or visits to nearby beaches.

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Why visit George Town?

George Town, located in Penang Island, Malaysia is a vibrant city with an array of activities and attractions on offer for visitors. The city’s history dates back to 1786, when it was founded by the British as a trading post. Today, George Town is home to some of Malaysia’s most iconic structures, including the Penang State Museum, the Butterworth Gallery and the Arab Street Market. The city is also well known for its seafood dishes, which can be sampled at restaurants such as Fish Head and Seafood Republic.

george town cities in malaysia map travel guide

How to get to George Town

George Town is located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is easily accessible by air, sea or land.

The city has a population of over 100,000 and features colonial architecture, lush rain forests and crystal-clear waters. It’s also home to some of Malaysia’s most popular attractions including the Bayan Lepas World Heritage Site, Penang Zoo and the Peranakan Museum.

Here are five tips on how to get to George Town:

1. By Air: The nearest airport is in Butterworth which is about an hour drive from George Town. There are also direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta.

2. By Sea: Travellers can arrive in George Town by boat via the Port Klang marine terminal or via the Pelabuhan Klang international seaport. Ferries depart for Butterworth daily throughout the year.

3. By Land: travellers can reach George Town by bus or train from various stops in Peninsular Malaysia including Georgetown, Ipoh and Kuching. The journey takes around six hours from either direction.

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Things to do in George Town

If you’re looking for a place to wander and explore, then George Town is the perfect spot. With a vibrant history and plenty of things to see and do, there’s always something new to discover in this charming city. Here are just a few of the highlights:

-Take a walk around the bustling Jalan Penang market, where you can shop for souvenirs and snacks or sample local fare at street stalls.

-Visit the intriguing Sultan Abdul Samad Museum, home to centuries-old Malaysian artifacts and paintings.

-Stroll down charming streets like Peel Street or Crawford Street and admire the architecture of colonial-era buildings.

-Treat yourself to a luxurious massage at one of the many spas in town.

-Sip on delicious coffee or fine tea at one of the quaint cafes dotting the streets.

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Accommodation Options in George Town

If you’re looking for accommodation in George Town, chances are you’ll be spoilt for choice. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Here are some of the most popular accommodation options in George Town:

The Ritz-Carlton George Town offers luxurious accommodation with stunning views of the river.

The Shangri-La George Town is a five-star hotel located right on the riverfront and offers magnificent views of the city skyline and the Mekong River.

The InterContinental George Town is another top pick for those looking for high quality accommodation with all the modern amenities. With a fitness centre, spa, and numerous restaurants and bars available on site, it’s perfect for a relaxing staycation.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, consider staying at one of the many guesthouses or bed and breakfasts in town. There’s no shortage of choices here, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your budget.

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Dining Options in George Town

If you’re in George Town and looking for a good meal, there are plenty of options to choose from. From local restaurants to international imports, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to eat in George Town:

1. The Fish Market – This popular seafood restaurant is located on Jalan Ali Syahrir and offers fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. The servings here are large, so if you’re looking for a good meal that’ll leave you feeling satisfied, The Fish Market is the place to go.

2. Sembawang Seafood – Located just a few minutes’ walk from Jalan Ali Syahrir, Sembawang Seafood is another great option for seafood lovers. The restaurant has an extensive menu with both Malaysian and international offerings, so there’s sure to be something that appeal to your taste buds.

3. Pak Lok – This well-known Malaysian restaurant is located right in the heart of George Town and offers everything from hawker food to international cuisine. There’s something here for everyone, so be sure to give Pak Lok a try when you’re in town.

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Things to Avoid in George Town

1. Avoid scams

2. Respect the locals

3. Don’t overspend

4. Watch your head!

5. Stay vigilant with your belongings

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After reading this George Town travel guide, you will have a good understanding of what to expect when visiting this popular Malaysian city. From the best places to eat and sleep to activities such as sightseeing and shopping, our guide has it all covered. So if you are planning a trip to George Town anytime soon, be sure to check out our guide first!

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