Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon Hot Springs Day Trip from Reykjavik

celand boasts some of the world’s most majestic landscapes, but it’s also a favorite among adventure seekers. Today, we are mashing those two together. We’re heading out to the world famous Golden Circle where we’ll see a gorgeous national park, exploding geysers, and an epic waterfall. Then, we’re topping it all off with a soothing soak in the Secret Lagoon. I’m at Thingvellir National Park, and the sun’s just come up, and it’s evaporating the mist, and you start viewing this gorgeous, vast landscape. All right, so I am now in the geyser area. This is where you can find a combination of geysers.

Reykjavik Golden Circle And Secret Lagoon Full-Day Tour

Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon Hot Springs Day Trip from Reykjavik Photo Gallery

You can walk around, explore. You can even see one go off with your own eyes.

Viator Golden Circle And Secret Lagoon

We are here at our next stop which happens to be Gullfoss a gorgeous waterfall, and that translates to golden waterfall. We’re now here at the Secret Lagoon about to find some tranquility after a busy day exploring the Golden Circle. I gotta go get my suit on.

Best Golden Circle And Secret Lagoon Tour

Oh! Oh my goodness! Okay, I’m showered and ready. Let’s get in. Oh, I know this is gonna feel good, I can see the steam coming up. This is the best. If you like, you can buy a glass Prosecco, sit back, relax, and enjoy it with your new found friends.

Golden Circle Secret Lagoon Northern Lights

Cheers. There is nothing like exploring Iceland in that crisp winter air, and then, finishing it all off in this warm Secret Lagoon. I’m gonna enjoy my time here.

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