The Greatest Dogs In History Have Left Their Paw Prints On The World

Dogs have an impressive history as man’s best friend. Their loyalty is unquestionable, and their presence in the history books well earned. Some canines showed an amazing aptitude for adventure, and true courage.

Joanne Lefson found Rupee as a starving puppy on the streets of India. He became the first dog to make the ten-day trip at 17,000 feet to the Everest base camp a few months later.

The first dog launched into space was Laika. The Russian canine orbited the earth, and was a spectacular follow up to Sputnik.

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Titina was a brown, and white fox terrier, weighed 12 pounds, and had a slight height of 10 inches. Titina was the first canine to reach the North Pole, and barked down a polar bear.

In 1974, a nationally broadcast baseball game was interrupted by Ashley the Whippet. The game was halted as the audience watched the frisbee stunts. This resulted in the creation of a celebrity canine, and the yearly Frisbee Disc Canine Championship.

A French battlefield set the scene for Rin Tin Tin on the silver screen. The star was discovered by American soldier Lee Duncan, became famous for being cited in a divorce case, and was provided with milk in a champagne glass.

No other dog was ever ranked by a United States Regiment, or promoted to Sergeant. Sergeant Stubby served the 102nd Infantry as a mascot, and his heroic journey will be shown in an upcoming film.

During a family vacation Bobbie became lost. This courageous canine was the first to travel 2,500 miles to come home. He appeared six months later, weak, and skinny. This earned him the memorable nickname Bobbie the Wonder Dog.

Red dog traveled extensively through Western Australia, and was honored with a statue in Dampier. He enjoyed being on his own too much to ever reunite with his master, and went down in history as the only kelpie-cattle dog to join the Transport Workers’ Union.

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