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The extensive network of public transportation options in City includes light rail, buses, and trolleys that are operated by the City Area Transit System, or CATS (704/336-7433, Compared to other cities of its size, City’s has a much smaller network of transit routes and a less-efficient public transportation system. Despite the flaws, buses and trains often run on time and can transport you to most major areas of the city with limited hassle. Outside the center of the city, buses are the only option for public transportation. The farther away from Uptown you travel, the more likely you are to have to transfer buses several times, which results in confusing routes and lengthy travel times. The CATS website has a trip planner that lets you enter departure and arrival information to receive detailed instructions for getting from point A to point B.

Buses, light rail, and trolleys run through Uptown for quick and easy access to most major sights in the center of the city.

Explore Uptown on the Gold Rush trolley.

History for Greensboro Metro Map
Passengers travelling the other way and just missing the 9. Greensboro Metro Map 43 a.m. from Forest Row would have to wait until 1.35 p. Greensboro Metro Map m. for the next one! Forest Row was the busiest intermediate station between Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead and in the final years of the line a number of London commuters were using the station. One bizarre incident in the line’s history was in June 1868 when a driver hauling a cattle train near Hartfield was warned of a bull on the line.

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