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Art Deco, Pere-Lachaise

With the modern age has come a lack of ornament and hard, clean lines. By now, the age of ornament has passed (although, from time to time, a few adventurous architects advocate its return). The range of modern architecture extends from tilt-up concrete buildings to massive glass, steel and stone structures that look like they belong on a Star Wars set. In the cemetery some of these structures are very utilitarian looking while others seem to be ready to blast off from Earth. Modern manufacturing techniques have made it fairly easy to build mausoleums that are just about any shape, enabling architects to design some pretty far-out-looking structures. With the assistance of lasers, elaborate designs can be etched into the surfaces, but there is usually an absence of external ornament since there are few craftspeople today who can execute such fine work.

Modern architecture, Montmartre


Although cremation has been around for eons (ashes to ashes/dust to dust), it’s a rather recent phenomenon. The Pere-Lachaise crematory was installed at the end of the nineteenth century. However, in the last few decades cremation has been on the rise. Rather than seeing business go out the window since cremains (cremated remains) can be easily cast to the winds, cemetery owners have adopted the columbarium, which is a building or structure designed to house urns and other receptacles containing cremains. The Vatican lifted the ban on cremation in 1963, which paved the way for more Catholics to seek cremation.

There also were a number of ritual weapons, used in special ceremonies or to inspire younger warriors by their use in combat. Harare Map Tourist Attractions Some of the coup sticks were works of carved art, decorated with basket-like weavings on the handle and colorful feathers. To count coup would enable the user to add to the decorations for his exploits in battle, and thereby add to his reputation as a warrior. In advanced age, the warrior could use this device in a variety of spiritual ceremonies designed to keep his memory alive or to inspire younger warriors to feats of courage. Longbows The weaponry of the period may be classified into two general types: weapons that were designed to throw or hurl something else, such as bows, muskets, rifles, and cannons, and weapons used more directly, such as swords, knives, and axes. There also were weapons that were some combination of both.

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