How to choose a good moving company in Singapore?

Moving out of one’s home or office to another location is not just a physical shift, but an emotional one too. There are people, places, things and memories that are left behind every time you move from one place to another be it within Singapore or in and out of the country. With emotions running high, shifting base can become a daunting task if meticulous planning is not involved. While some manage to pack and move with precision, there are others who might get flustered. In such situations, it is best to hire a professional packer and mover who will ease this process and simplify your task to the hilt.

Professional and trusted packers and movers are well-equipped and have the expertise to help you relocate seamlessly. It is always best to ask for references and look for well-established packing and moving companies in Singapore. Highly professional packers and movers have their own websites that list all their services and business terms in detail. Besides, they often have several branches and relocation partners across countries, which speak volumes of their genuineness, professionalism and reliability.

As the first step to choose the right moving company in Singapore, create a shortlist and ask for a site visit and an estimate. In most cases, top moving companies send a representative across to check on the goods you wish to transport and offer a free estimate. This could be a tricky situation, wherein you may find some packers offering you extremely low estimates and some others estimating skyrocketing prices. Be wise and reassess their services. At times, paying a little more can ensure your priceless porcelain is transported with not a scratch to point at.

When speaking to the representative of the moving company, check on the vehicles used for transportation and the loads that they carry. If the company hires its containers, ensure that you do not have to pay for any exigencies occurring during transportation. Also, check if the company offers an insurance coverage for your goods. Ensure there is a written statement that the moving company will pay you for any damages caused to your goods during transportation.

One important service that most reliable movers in Singapore offer today is part-container loads at reasonable costs. This means that, unlike in the past, you need not pay for an entire container load if you only have part-container load goods. Besides, some companies offer a free service to store your goods for a couple of days and deliver them on a date and at a time convenient to you at your new place. Some also offer to transport cycles, potted plants and even pets for free.

When discussing the details with the representative of a moving company, ensure you are provided with separate estimates that include charges for packing and unpacking your goods, and also for just transporting packed boxes. This is especially helpful in cutting down your costs if you have goods that you can pack yourself, thus unburdening your pocket with ease.

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