Harvard Cooperative Society US Map & Phone & Address

Harvard Cooperative Society US Map & Phone & Address

• 1400 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 499-2000

• And other campus locations Founded way back when as a money-saving service by-and-for the academic community, the Coop now sells to everyone. However, the original “mission” continues, and all students, faculty, alumni, and employees of Harvard are eligible to become members as well as those of M.I.T. Wheelock College, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and personnel at the hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

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For an annual fee of $1, members receive a rebate based on their purchases throughout the year. These rebates are based on profitability and vary greatly. The best member’s benefit is the special members-only sales, such as a recent one featuring an extra 15% off regular prices on compact discs.

Meanwhile, the Coop sells everything from clothes to TVs to toothpaste, like any department store.

They also buy back textbooks (from any school, member or not) for cash on the spot And the Insignia Shop, on the street level of the main building, is a good place to check for clearance sales of leftover “Harvard” stuff like a hooded maroon sweatshirt reduced from $30 to $19.99.

The Harvard Square Coop is open seven days; hours vary at the other locations.

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