ston Annie’s Book Stop US Map & Phone & Address

Boston Annie’s Book Stop US Map & Phone & Address

• 193 Belmont St. Belmont; (617) 489-3763

• 322 N. Main St, Randolph; (617) 986-4014

• 27 Broadway, Wakefield; (617) 246-3730

• 85 River St, Waltham; (617) 899-4384

• 167 Commonwealth Rd. (Rte. 30 & 27), Wayland; (508) 655-5433

• 681 High St (Rte. 109), Westwood; (617) 326-8120

• And other suburban locations Annie’s Book Stop (or Swap, at some branches) offers plenty for the hungry bookworm to feed on. Used paperbacks sell here at half of their original cover prices; Annie’s shelves are lined with everything popular from Harlequin Romances to science fiction series. Novels by the likes of Danielle Steele, Sidney Sheldon, and Tom Clancy are found here in abundance.

In addition, you can trade in your own oldies for store credit (some shops offer cash if you prefer).

Here’s a typical plot: Mary Higgins Clark’s I II Be Seeing You has a cover price of $6.99, which you can pick up here for half-price, or $3.49.

When you’re finished, you can bring it back and receive $1 credit toward something else. Total outlay: $2.49. Cool.

So, why feel guilty about reading a trashy novel when you’ve only spent a coupla bucks, and you can always swap it for a classic? Helpful charts fully outline the credits available for various cover prices. As individual franchises, there is some variation from one Annie’s to the next: Some do add new, full-price books, while others sell cards and gifts. All are open seven days a week.

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