Boston Ballet US Map & Phone & Address

Boston Ballet US Map & Phone & Address

Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities for inexpensive dance in town. Tickets for most performances start around $12 to $15 and go up from there. Your best bets are mainly at the colleges (see that section), which include both student and faculty shows. Here are a few other options.

Boston Ballet

The Wang Center, 275 Tremont St. Boston; (617) 695-6950

College students are offered a great opportunity to see one of the world’s premier ballets for for just $12!

That’s a considerable savings off the standard ticket prices of $20 to $50 a pop. Students should come to the theater an hour before the performance with valid ID, of course and they’ll get the best available seats for $12. Student rush tix are not available on Saturday evenings or Sunday matinee performances.

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