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And if it be high policy to maintain the poor people Egypt Map of this realm in work, I dare affirm that if the poor people of England were five Egypt Map times so many as they be, yet all might be set on work in and by working linen, and such other things of merchandise as the trade into the Indies doth require. 19. The present short trades causeth the mariner to be cast of, and often to be idle, and so by poverty to fall to piracy.

But this course to Norumbega being longer, and a continuance of the employment of the mariner, doth keep the mariner from idleness and from necessity; and so it cutteth of the principal actions of piracy, and the rather because no riche pray for them to take cometh directly in their course or any thing near their course. 20. Many men of excellent wits and of divers singular gifts, overthrown by some folly of youth, that are not able to live in England, may there be raised again, and do their country good service; and many needful uses there may (to great purpose) require the saving of great numbers, that for trifles may otherwise be devoured by the gallows.

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