Hiking Safety Tips for First Time Hikers

One of the absolute most glorious states for hiking in is the State of Utah and within that state there are a number of trails that you would swear one was more glorious than the previous one. The one thing to be aware of is that some of the trails are quite steep, some are prone to sudden storms and others are quite lengthy taking the better part of two days to complete the trek. If you are a first time hiker, you might want to think about getting some sound tips on safety. Angels Landing, for example takes 36 hours to complete and so if you are not as physically fit as you should be or have never completed a long hike, you might want to take extra safety precautions on Angels Landing as it is a long trail, albeit one of the most beautiful in the country, but long and arduous at times.

Always Carry Plenty of Water

Since you will most likely be hiking in the heat of the summer, always carry plenty of water so that you do not dehydrate before getting back to civilization. There are some locations where you can reach natural streams, but if you aren’t familiar with the park or the trail you are on, it is essential that you plan for enough water for the expected duration of the hike plus an extra day’s supply just in case.’

A First Aid Kit with Flares

Each trail you hike will have its safety hazards and all trails are not the same. Some trails might have poisonous plants while others may have jagged rocks or downed trees that could pose a problem in hours when you don’t have full light of the sun to see by. In case you or someone in your party is seriously injured, you will want rescue teams to find you quickly so flares are a must.

Food and Phones and GPS

You don’t know how many times hikers thought only to be on the trail for a matter of hours but a mishap caused them to stop mid-trek to await a search and rescue team. Always carry a cell phone with an extra battery or a solar charger and by all means, keep some snacks on hand. One day anyone can go without food but if that one day turns into two or three, you could get mighty hungry! If you don’t have a GPS app on your phone to notify rescuers exactly where you are stuck’ make sure you have a separate unit such as a Garmin. Your exact location will get rescuers to you quickly which is of vital importance.

These are just the most basic of safety tips you should be aware of. For more complete advice on the trail you are going to hike, ask the locals or park rangers to give you advice on safety issues you might be confronted with. And finally, why not pack a lightweight but very warm solar blanket? If you are stranded at high altitudes overnight, you might be subjected to freezing or near-freezing temperatures. These blankets weigh a matter of ounces but are warmer than you could ever imagine. Safety is your prime consideration so don’t take that first step until you have your safety kit and plans together. Your life could depend on it so don’t be lax.

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